Our specialization in sectors such as Compensations, Real Estate, Disputes with the State, Human Rights, Consumer’s Protection, Disputes with Banks etc give us the opportunity to defend you successfully before court.

The great experience of our law firm provides you the best guarantee of complete professional legal support.

Dimitrios G. Tsagkalidis
Supreme Court Lawyer


E-mail: d.tsagkalidis@lawyers-greece.gr

Graduate of the School of Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has been practicing law since February 1985, offering legal services in the most significant sectors of law, defending his clients before the court, giving legal advice and drawing up contracts.

He has been an attorney at law at the Supreme Court since 1990 with great successes at the Supreme Court and at the Council of State.

He continues successfully the tradition that his mother and foundress of the law office, Chaido Tsangalidou- Tseliou started in 1974.

His great experience in the judicial and extrajudicial area for a period of 31 years provides the best guarantee of specialized services.

He has also excelled in sports as a Greek champion and a member of the National Judo Team from 1977 to 1984.

He was a Judo coach of the champion of Greece, YMCA, a Board Member of the Greek Judo Federation, a member of the Board of YMCA, a President of Physical Education in YMKA, President of the Legal Department of YMKA, and founder of associations. He holds a 4th DAN in Judo.

Languages: Greek, English, French

Specialty: Damages, Rental Disputes, Family Disputes, Real Estate, Disputes of co-owners of a block of flats, Public disputes and disputes with public entities, Human rights, Contracts of civil and commercial law, Associations, Court appearance, Compensations, consumer protection.



Chaido E. Tsagkalidou

Attorney at Law


E-mail: ch.tsagkalidou@lawyers-greece.gr

Graduate of Law School at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

LLM in Commercial and Economic Law

Languages: Greek, English, French

Specialty: Disputes with Banks, Payment arrangements of Indebted households, Business Law, Corporate Law, Βankruptcy Law, Trade Marks, Unfair Competition, Real Εstate



Efthalia Ch. Patila

Attorney at Law


E-mail: thpatila@lawyers-greece.gr

Graduate of Law School at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Languages: Greek, English, German, Italian

Specialty: Family disputes, Claiming late payments, Execution, Medical Negligence, Contracts

Interesting Legal News

(These articles do not constitute legal advice, but general position to interesting legal issues. For legal advice, the client should discuss it with his/her lawyer)

Article 114 of Law 3978/2011 limited the number of border regions of Greece in which it is prohibited every legal act in life which creates in favour of natural persons or legal entities with citizenship or headquarters outside the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association any right in rem or in personam that concerns real estates which are located in these areas, as well as the transfer of shares or incorporate shares or the change of the partners of companies of any form who own real estates in these areas.

After the publication of this Law, the transfers of real estates which are located in areas with intense tourist interest such as Chalkidiki, are now free while before the above Law it was required a time-consuming process for the purchase of property.