The law firm D. TSAGKALIDIS AND PARTNERS “CODEX” is the evolution of TSAGKALIDIS law office founded in 1974, which is occupied mostly in law cases of civil, commercial and administrative law. (Compensations for road traffic accidents, work accident, violation of consumer rights etc).

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You can see below the sectors we undertake.

  • Compensations for car accidents,
  • Work accidents,
  • Medical negligence,
  • Interference with personality,
  • Default of contractual obligations,
  • Violation of consumer rights,
  • Claiming late commercial payments,
  • Expropriation cases,
  • Labor cases,
  • Disputes with banks,
  • Payment arrangements for Indebted Households,
  • Rental disputes
  • Disputes of co-owners of a block of flats,
  • Real property matters,
  • Inheritance disputes,
  • Family disputes,
  • Disputes with the State, Regional and Local Authorities, public entities.

The scientific excellence of our lawyers and long litigation experience provides guarantees for the provision of legal services of high quality. The multitude and complexity of legal rules are constantly changing and the continuing issue of judicial decisions that interpret the laws and the terms and conditions of transactions makes it absolutely essential for proper legal assistance in any case.

The handling of each case carried out cooperation with more partners, experts in every area of law, always under the direct supervision and assistance of Dimitrios G. Tsagkalidou. It provides its services to its own offices in the historic center of Thessaloniki opposite the traditional Modiano market and Kapani, with direct access to the courts and major public bodies and authorities. Our agency works with law firm specialized in business investment; classify subsidy programs, pension issues, assumptions disciplinary control of public officers.

Interesting Legal News

(These articles do not constitute legal advice, but general position to interesting legal issues. For legal advice, the client should discuss it with his/her lawyer)

Article 114 of Law 3978/2011 limited the number of border regions of Greece in which it is prohibited every legal act in life which creates in favour of natural persons or legal entities with citizenship or headquarters outside the Member States of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association any right in rem or in personam that concerns real estates which are located in these areas, as well as the transfer of shares or incorporate shares or the change of the partners of companies of any form who own real estates in these areas.

After the publication of this Law, the transfers of real estates which are located in areas with intense tourist interest such as Chalkidiki, are now free while before the above Law it was required a time-consuming process for the purchase of property.